Airflow is The Key to Efficient HVAC

What is Air Conditioning?

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Simply put, air conditioning is moving heat from one place where it isn’t wanted, to another where it is. In the summer the hot air is moved from the inside of a home to the outside. In the winter people do the opposite, or they create the hot air and put it in the home via a gas furnace.

The most essential element of these processes is airflow. Without proper airflow, your system can’t work correctly. Maybe it works enough to get by. Most HVAC units do. But that doesn’t last forever. People don’t understand just how essential proper airflow is. Without getting too technical, moving heat is done primarily with airflow.

All the components are necessary but proper airflow is the most. A wise music teacher once said practicing wasn’t enough, you had to practice correctly. And like playing an instrument, airflow isn’t what’s essential, proper airflow is. Just like Goldilocks, it can’t be too much or too little, it must be just right.

How does it work? Refrigerant (a chemical that absorbs heat) picks up the heat from the air in one place and delivers it to air in a different place. If there is too little air to pick up the heat, not enough heat is moved. Likewise, if there is too much air or if its moving too fast or slow, problems occur. Each HVAC system is designed for perfect balance.

The same amount of heat picked up, must be given off or the unit loses efficiency. With lower efficiency comes a shorter lifespan of the unit and its components, along with higher electricity bills. Plus, the unit runs longer and struggles more, and there is less heating and cooling of the conditioned space.

What are Some of the Things That Can Cause Airflow to be Improper?

  • A dirty condenser coil causes not enough air to move through the coil and the heat cannot be given off adequately.
  • A dirty evaporator coil can cause less air to move through the coil and heat cannot be taken inadequately.
  • A dirty filter can cause an air restriction, ensuring not enough air gets to the coil.
  • A dirty blower wheel can’t move the correct amount of air over the coil and through the house.
  • Dirty or broken ductwork can cause air not to be able to get where it is needed efficiently.
  • A fan speed set too low or high at installation, which is more common than HVAC technicians like to admit, will cause air to flow over the coil too slow or fast to take in or give off heat.

A clean HVAC system is typically an efficient HVAC system. Changing your filter every 30 days, along with biannual maintenances are the best things you can do for your HVAC Unit. Always remember that proper airflow is essential to efficient HVAC.

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