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Trust our AC technicians for central AC repair and installation services in Brentwood, TN!

For over two decades, Kuhn Air Conditioning in Brentwood, TN has been providing residents with premium central air conditioner repair and installation services by certified HVAC specialists. We are a family-owned, heating and cooling company committed to providing high-quality products and services along with higher standards and integrity.

Our AC installation and maintenance services are done by certified HVAC technicians and are covered by a customer satisfaction guarantee. Our AC systems come to us from leading manufacturers so you can trust you are getting the best value for your money.

Call Kuhn Air Conditioning for AC repair and installation service and to work with the most reliable AC contractor in Brentwood.

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Air Conditioning Repair & Replacement

Is your AC system ready for summer? If you’re not sure, call Kuhn Air Conditioning for AC service, including AC replacement and maintenance, central AC repair and installation, and high-end air conditioners from leading manufacturers.

When you call us, we’ll send an AC expert to your home right away to check your system. Once the issue is located, we will either repair it or replace it, whichever is more appropriate.

Below are common AC issues that may require attention by a licensed professional:

  • Clean Air Filters
  • Check Controls
  • Replace Drain Pans
  • Replace Thermostat
  • Flush Condensate Line
  • Replace Condensing Coil
  • Compressor Repair
  • Repair Refrigerant Leak
  • Repair Motor
  • Refrigerant Recharge

If you opt to replace your air conditioner, we can install a new AC system with all the high-tech features you need. Call Kuhn Air Conditioning for central air conditioner repair service.

When to Call for AC Repair Service

The best way to handle AC repairs is by making sure they never happen in the first place. You can reduce costly repairs to your system with regular maintenance by a certified AC contractor. Taking care of repairs quickly before they get worse is very important.

The moment you spot a cooling issue, call Kuhn Air Conditioning for service. We’ll send a technician over right away to check your system. We will look for issues such as frequent cycling, poor airflow, and high energy bills. If you notice any of these problems, call Kuhn Air Condition for a complete air conditioner inspection.

Learn more about us and what drives our commitment to provide quality AC services!

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC?

The answer to this all-important question depends on certain conditions. If your AC unit is more than fifteen years old, it will be more prone to wear and tear and will require more repairs than if you had a new AC system. If this is the case, you may consider replacing the unit. Our technicians always attempt to salvage your current AC, but if that is not possible, we can install a new air conditioning system.

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Call Kuhn Air Conditioning in Brentwood, TN at 615-726-8700, for central AC installation, repairs, and maintenance, with a customer satisfaction guarantee and flat-rate prices.