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Heat and cool every room in your house individually with Nashville’s HVAC zoning specialists.

Are there certain rooms in your house that are too hot while others are too cold, and vice versa? HVAC zoning can end all that while maximizing your heating and cooling. Using multiple thermostats, sensors, and modulating dampers, zoning is a more effective way to control the temperature in different “zones” in your house.

You can zone your cooling and heating so you don’t have to treat the whole house unnecessarily. Call Kuhn Air Conditioning in Nashville, TN for HVAC zoning by certified experts. For your convenience, we offer flat-rate prices on all HVAC services as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee on all services.

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Benefits of a Multi-Zone HVAC System

You can divide the ductwork in your home into specific zones that can be controlled independently. For instance, you can put the bedrooms in one particular zone, and the living room on another. Zoning is ideal for those retrofit add-ons that are so hard to treat.

Other advantages of residential HVAC zoning include:

  • Reduced energy costs: No need to waste energy trying to keep the higher floors warm.
  • Customizable heating and cooling: Multi-zone HVAC systems allow each occupant to enjoy personal temperature preferences.
  • Less wear and tear on the system: A zoned HVAC system will last longer, and perform better than other HVACs.

Zoning is the guaranteed way to solve those “too hot” and “too cold” situations. Individual family members will be comfortable in their own space with multi-level zoning in the home.

How HVAC Zoning Works

Zoned systems consist of a zone control panel, thermostats, and HVAC dampers. By using a series of control dampers, thermostats can regulate the temperature in individual rooms. They control the zoning system, which sends the air uniformly throughout the house.

Zone dampers are placed in the home’s ductwork to monitor the airflow that goes to separate zones in the house. Zone dampers connect to a zone on the control panel. They close and open automatically depending on the thermostat’s request.

A multi-zone HVAC system can save you a bundle on energy costs while keeping every member of your family comfortable. Who can ask for more than that?

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Add a Zoned System to Your Current HVAC

Fortunately, you can add a zoning system to your current HVAC unit. Call Kuhn Air Conditioning to add a zone control panel to your current system. It will act as the nerve center, and work with your thermostats and dampers to customize temperatures throughout the house.

Our technicians are specially trained in zoning, receiving ongoing training in the latest in multi-zoning technology. For your peace of mind, all of our work is covered by a customer satisfaction guarantee.

If your house has multiple floors, a zoning system may be just what you need. Call Kuhn Air Conditioning to speak to one of our zone experts. We are always happy to offer valuable information and handy tips about our zone control systems.

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