Is Filtering Viruses Out Of Home An Option?

Tips for Filtering Viruses out of Your Home

Let’s face it… life has been different lately. The change has left a lot of homeowners wondering if there is anything they can do to protect their loved ones from a dangerous virus. Knowing the facts is beneficial and can help all members of the family stay safe and sound during these trying times.

Is filtering this virus an option? The short answer is, no, an air cleaner cannot 100% eliminate the threat of this specific virus just yet. However, it can offer plenty of other health benefits, which this article will explain in detail.

Can Air Purifiers Help With Filtering Coronavirus?

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Before learning if air purifiers are helpful with filtering coronavirus, it’s important to start with exactly what they are and how they work.

Air purifiers were designed to cleanse the air in the home and remove any impurities like pet dander, dust, smoke, and other irritants and allergens. It does that by using a fan to pull air into an air filter, which then allows the clean air to be pushed back out and recirculated around the home.

When combining the standard air filter with an activated carbon filter, air purifiers are fairly successful at doing what they claim to do.

But, unfortunately, they are not great at filtering coronavirus out of the air. However, they are effective in helping reduce asthma, allergy, and cystic fibrosis-related health issues.

How to Create an Air Flow Quarantine

One way that air purifiers can help with coronavirus, in an indirect way, is by helping create an airflow quarantine. Running an air purifier does keep the air healthy and circulating inside the home. This keeps any “bad” air from leaving the home, which also keeps people outside of the home safe.


If using an air purifier to help keep an airflow quarantine in the home, make sure it is equipped with at least a HEPA filter. The unit should be placed at least three feet away from anyone in the home who may be sick, and it should be run at low speed. Anyone who may be changing the filter or checking the unit should wear gloves and be as careful as possible, as coronavirus is likely to stay on plastic and metal for up to three days.

Where to Get Correct Information About the Coronavirus

One thing is for sure, there is a lot of information out there about the coronavirus and what may or may not work for it. Instead of just believing everything on the internet, it is important to source all of that news carefully.

Questions about what home appliances can help stop all sorts of viruses and bacteria should be directed to HVAC professionals. Health-related questions, on the other hand, are best directed at the health care professionals who are trained to deal with these illnesses… the CDC, WHO, or a local primary care doctor.

Don’t fall for wrong information, always check for the information coming from the most vetted and truthful sources possible. Stay safe, make sure everyone in the home is washing their hands, and practice good social distancing.

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