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Need quality heating and furnace services? Call Kuhn Air Conditioning for guaranteed heating repair and maintenance by certified heating professionals. We carry the latest furnace and heaters from reputable brands. You can always trust us to provide you with top appliances and quality workmanship.

Our HVAC team receives continuous training to stay on top of the latest heating and cooling technologies. Call us today to join the many satisfied customers who trust Kuhn Air Conditioning with all their heating and cooling needs. For your convenience, we offer flat-rate prices and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

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Trusted Heating Repair & Replacement

At Kuhn Air Conditioning, we get what an inconvenience it is when your furnace breaks down in the dead of winter. That is why we are always standing by to help. If your furnace is not producing enough heat to keep you comfortable, call us and we’ll be at your door promptly to check it.

We offer furnace and central heating systems repair and replacement to ensure that your system works properly. Call us and we’ll come over right away to check your system. If we determine that your furnace is irreversible, we’ll replace it with a new unit.

Our furnace repairs adhere to local code and carry a satisfaction guarantee in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty. Some services we offer include the following:

  • New furnace installation
  • Furnace repairs & replacements
  • Repair blower belt
  • Boiler & heat pump repair
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Check for air loss
  • Check pilot light
  • Inspect electrical wiring
  • Clean filters & burners
  • Troubleshoot thermostat
  • Gas & CO leak detection

Today’s contemporary heating systems have sophisticated features that improve energy-efficiency, monitor air quality and maintain perfect temperatures in every room.

Pay Attention to the Signs Your Furnace May Need Repairs

Your furnace will give you a heads up when it needs professional attention. Knowing how to read these telltale signs allows you to have it checked quickly before the problem gets worse.

If your furnace is performing poorly, tell our technicians what the symptoms are so they can begin to troubleshoot the issue. Keep an eye out for the following problems with your furnace to know when it’s time to call an expert:

  • Runs constantly
  • Won’t start
  • Poor heat flow
  • Frequent cycling
  • Broken thermostat
  • Musty odors
  • Dust buildup
  • High CO levels
  • Inconsistent temperatures

Contact us at the first sign of central heater trouble. Waiting for the symptoms to get worse will aggravate the issue further and result in even more costly repairs.

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Save Money With Furnace Maintenance

Annual maintenance on your heating system can save you money. Routine furnace tune-ups reduce your energy bill, improve indoor air quality, and provide many years of peak performance without interruption.
Our HVAC technicians will check your furnace once or twice a year searching for damage and wear and tear. They will clean or change filters, lubricate parts, and remove any dirt or grime build-up on the unit. We will also run a carbon monoxide and gas leak detection to make sure that your unit is safe to use.

We have maintenance plans for all types of heating systems on the market. Call Kuhn Air Conditioning for more information about our HVAC tune-ups and to choose the right plan for your system.

At Kuhn Air Conditioning in Old Hickory, TN, we offer heater maintenance, repair and replacement - call 615-726-8700 to schedule service!