These Genius Tips Will Save You Money on Family Heating and Cooling

Tips on How to Make Your Family Heating and Cooling More Efficient

In any profession, there are tricks of the trade. In this article, an overview is given of some of the tips that HVAC professionals have for efficient family heating and cooling system. One area of the home that many people are losing money on is in their cooling and heating system.

If the house is not well ventilated and the windows are not covered, maintaining the preferred temperature will be more difficult and more expensive. Here are some of the tricks that HVAC professionals recommend to fully optimize the family heating and cooling system for maximum efficiency.

Increase Insulation to Save Money

increase insulationPoor insulation can be the cause of unnecessarily high energy bills. By increasing home insulation the air is trapped inside of the house more effectively so that the heating and air conditioning system has an easier time maintaining the preferred temperature.

Insulation can be added inside of the walls, but there are also solutions such as foam insulation or storm tape that can be placed around windows and doors to seal any drafts.

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of a home’s heating and cooling system is to increase insulation to prevent the heated/cooled air from escaping the house.

Use Curtains/Screens Over Windows

The windows of the home are a weak spot where cold and heat from the outside elements can enter into the home. One example of how windows can affect the temperature inside of the house is the sun beaming down through an open window. The beams of sunlight will warm the room, making it harder to cool on a hot day.

use curtains

Adding blackout curtains and screens over the windows will help to regulate the temperature of the house. Cold rain and snow will also make the glass cold which will permeate into the room, making it harder to keep warm during the winter months. For both cold and hot temperatures, using curtains or screens over the windows can help to maximize the effects of the heating and air system.

Use House Fans in Addition to Your Air Conditioner

use house fansUsing a house fan is an affordable and efficient way to improve the temperature in the home without turning on the air conditioning system. In addition to ceiling fans, portable house fans can also be added to the room.

House fans do not use a lot of energy and are an efficient way to cool down the house during summer months, which can help you avoid common HVAC issues. The blades on the ceiling fan should be facing down or up depending on the season, in order to ventilate the room either outwards or inwards.

During hot weather, it’s beneficial to circulate the air outwards, versus during the winter where the fan can be set to circulate the air inwards to ventilate the space without losing any of the heat.

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