Using Earth Day to Focus on Your Home’s Air Quality

This Earth Day Celebrate the Benefits of Air Quality

Every Earth Day is a chance to celebrate the Earth that supports human life with land, water, and air! This Earth Day, take a moment to think about air quality. Good air quality is essential to promote overall health in everyone. Having good air quality means that there are fewer pollutants like allergens or chemicals in the air that cause health problems.

Better air quality has also been linked to relief from chronic fatigue, headaches, and better sleep. In this article, an overview will be given of the best solutions to create good air quality in any season.

How Do Air Purifiers Benefit Air Quality?

air purifiersThere are many different kinds of air purifiers for homes. Some air purifiers have HEPA filters or carbon filters, they circulate the air through the system and as it passes through… bad particles are filtered out such as smoke, dust, or pet dander.

To filter out smaller particles that are invisible to the human eye, a more advanced filtration system may be required. A therapeutic air purification solution that is popular among modern homeowners are salt lamps.

Salt lamps naturally cleanse the air and have even been found to boost mood and energy. To specifically filter out germs and bacteria in the air a UV air filter system may be required, and there are some medical-grade air filters that are available for the public to purchase.

Proper air circulation is essential for good air quality, so do not underestimate the benefits of simply opening the windows and letting a breeze in every once in a while.

Can Plants Help Clean Air Indoors?

Indoor house plants can actually improve the overall air quality in a home. Some of the benefits that studies have shown that plants have on the air quality at home, are that the people who live there experience easier breathing, better sleep, and less fatigue. On Earth Day, lots of people like to celebrate by planting a tree outside.

benefits of plants

This year, consider also adding some new trees or plants to the house. Not only do houseplants improve the air quality in a home, but they are also a completely natural and cost-effective solution to improved air quality as well. Houseplants are a cheap air quality hack that not only purifies the air but also make a fun decorating choice! Earth Day is a celebration of the things that make Earth beautiful and one-of-a-kind, and planting new trees and plants is a great way to honor the Earth and promote a healthy environment for everyone who lives here.

Eco-Friendly Automated Thermostats

thermostatsTo optimize the air circulation efficiency at home, consider adding a programmable thermostat. These eco-friendly devices work by moderating their own temperature, turning the flow of air on and off precisely when needed to effectively, and efficiently, cool or heat the room.

There are many advancements being made in all aspects of the green movement, including in air quality, heating, and cooling. Switching to an automated thermostat is not only a great way to take care of the Earth by minimizing energy usage, but it also will reduce the costs of energy bills in your home.

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