What Are The Most Common Signs of a Broken Heating System?

How to Tell if You Have a Broken Heater

If the weather has changed and you’ve turned on your heater only to find it blowing cold air, well, that’s a problem. If a heater doesn’t heat, not only will it impact your comfort, but depending on the conditions outside, it could also pose a serious safety concern too.

Heaters that blow cold air can be caused by a variety of issues, some which require professional repair, and some that just need a little troubleshooting. The following article will help you figure out what’s wrong with your heater and offer some helpful insight into how you should handle a broken heater.

Check Your Furnace Settings

Furnaces can be complicated appliances. It’s not uncommon to turn on the heat when you meant to turn on the air and vice versa. So if your heater is blowing cold air when it should be warm, checking your furnace settings is the first thing you should do. If your furnace blows hot air, but then occasional a gust of cold air emerges from your vents, this is typically a sign that your thermostat’s “Fan” setting is probably turned on.

furnace settings

If the fan is on, it means the blower from the furnace constantly runs. If your home is warm enough that your furnace is no longer heating the air, then the blower from the fan will just start blowing regular air, which can feel cool. If you suspect this is your issue, simply change your fan setting from “on” to “auto.” This will ensure that the fan only blows when the furnace is heating the air.

Has Your System Overheated?

overheated heater

A heater that’s overheating may seem like a good problem to have when the weather gets cold, but in actuality, an overheated heater may be a heater that needs to be replaced. There are signs to look for, though, if you think your furnace might be overheating.

If you hear a strange noise or loud humming coming from your furnace this can sometimes point to the blower motor not having enough power to fully function. If you notice a burning smell from your vents, this could signal that your heater is overheating, especially if your furnace then shuts off on its own.

And if you notice your furnace shutting off on its own and not starting again this could be a sign that the built-in safety measure of the furnace is powering it down because it’s getting too hot. If you notice any of these issues, it’s time to contact your local HVAC technician. An overheating heater can be a safety hazard, so don’t delay.

Always Check for Dirty Air Filters

One of the easiest things to do as a homeowner is regularly replacing your furnace filter. If your filter is dirty enough, the clogged filter can interfere with the function of your furnace, making it less effective at doing the job you’re asking of it: heating your home.

dirty air filters

Dirt in a filter blocks the warm air, so if you’re getting the chills this winter, don’t forget to replace your filter. Your HVAC system will thank you! Best of all, it also improves the air quality in your home, making it a win-win for any family.

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