Why Your Heating and Cooling System Needs Maintenance Inspections


Let’s face it, the majority of HVAC breakdowns tend to happen at the most inopportune times… when you’re not prepared… RIGHT WHEN YOU NEED IT! Repairs can cost hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars. This is money that most people don’t have just lying around to cover such an emergency. This is precisely what a maintenance inspection is designed to prevent.

Kuhn Air Conditioning recommends that you do two maintenance inspections a year. This simple step could make a huge difference in the continued comfort of your home as well as the amount you spend to cool or heat your home. These cost-effective inspections will also help extend the life of your unit and cut down on the inconvenience of a unit that is out of commission.

By having your unit serviced twice a year, wear and tear are greatly reduced and standard efficiency levels are easily maintained for maximum comfort. Inspections also allow potential problems to be found and fixed before they become irritating problems, or worse, breakdowns. This significantly reduces the chance of inconvenient peak season system failures and the necessity of costly repairs.

Regular maintenance also includes a thorough, routine cleaning. This maximizes airflow and unit breathability, both of which are necessary for proper operation. All components are checked for safe operation as well, ensuring that no hazards are present.

An HVAC unit isn’t much different than a car. Cars need tune-ups and oil changes to keep them running as the manufacturer intended. HVAC units benefit similarly from having regular maintenance performed. Having the unit inspected is the most economical way to protect the comfort of your home and your pocketbook in each upcoming season.